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Show me some quality Sabino Arabian Studs. (topic)
There has to be a few nice stallions out there that produce sabino and have earned their manly bits, right? Well, have at least accomplished more than being a purty color!EDIT: Didn't specify, but I really mean quality in general - for...
General Discussion (Horse Related)


02/17/11 13:42:41
My little one is official! (topic)
Baby is finally fully registered, anyone familiar with Arabians want to take a look and comment on her pedigree?  We settled on Aamira Shadowdancer for a name picture for...
General Discussion (Horse Related)


11/23/10 00:32:36
Hover Horses! Post Yours! (topic)
Haha I took this picture not long ago, I never noticed she wasn't touching the ground until now!
General Discussion (Horse Related)


09/30/09 16:51:01
Hmmm... opinions on price? (topic)
Charmer isn't going to hold up. It's like a never ending cycle… He is sound and then unsound because of the navicular and I know he is not going to hold up for competitions and his weight issues make me want to NOT show him and...
General Discussion (Horse Related)


09/14/09 23:20:10
Need help finding PB Arabian Registry (topic)
I have an Arab with a lip tattoo and was told by his previous owner that he is registered, but she just never bothered to get the paperwork (he has changed hands a few times in the past). The Arabian Horse Association website is very...
General Discussion (Horse Related)


07/20/09 23:25:41
Arab Showies- when do you use which halter? (topic)
Hi all. Just a few specific questions- need to pick your brains! - what halters do you use to emphasis diferent features/face shapes? My horse is a pure crabbet and has a near straight head- iis he better suited to a fine beaded halter...
General Discussion (Horse Related)


06/25/09 14:21:02
Arabian People? (topic)
Any thoughts on this mare's pedigree? I got her for free along with a gelding. On the bottom part of her pedigree is this mare:,...
General Discussion (Horse Related)


03/18/09 20:50:29
Calling all Saddleseat Riders! (topic)
I have 2 really nice day coats with matching vests and ties and a formal coat with vest and formal shirt in a Ladies Small that I would like to find new homes for. There isn't much along the lines of Saddleseat riders in my area so...
General Discussion (Horse Related)


02/09/09 19:00:06
Twin Falls, ID - wanna go look at arab? (topic)
Ok, so some of you saw the arab mare in Montana I was considering. I kept on looking and found a gelding I like even more. He is near Twin Falls, Idaho. I'm in Alaska, and won't be traveling south anytime soon. If anyone is near...
General Discussion (Horse Related)


01/24/09 19:04:33
Anyone Need Arab Datasource Lookups? (topic)
A while ago I bought a 30-day pass to the Arabian registry and wound up not needing it, and I might as well get my money's worth out of it. If anyone wants me to look something up, post here or send me a PM and I'll do my best....
General Discussion (Horse Related)


11/14/08 19:47:00
Who am I? Do you know who I am? Arabian Chestnut Gelding (topic)
This is my foster, soon to be adopted horse. I would love to find out something about him, although I know it's like a needle in a very large haystack. He's 9 to 13 years of age, about 14.1hh, gelding. May have been gelded...
General Discussion (Horse Related)


08/27/08 17:40:03
Met up with a prospective riding instructor yesterday! details and some questions :) (topic)
So I met up with a girl who I was looking at to give me some "refresher" lessons until sometime next month when I'd like to go to River hollow farm for lessons. Very nice girl but had some things going against her 1....
General Discussion (Horse Related)


08/06/08 20:11:59