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Barefoot Trimming Advice (topic)
First is the conformation critique the right place to ask this??My almost three year old has always been barefoot (hope to always keep it that way).  We've been through a few trimmers and I found one I like, but I'm still not 100%...
Conformation Critiques


01/23/12 02:35:53
Friesian/Arabian Yearling (topic)
I just want a critique for fun.  Also any points you think might be problematic in the future.  He's 16 months old, 14.2hh, Friesian/Arabian cross that will be used mainly as a trail horse with maybe a little lower level dressage...
Conformation Critiques


09/22/10 05:02:31
Please critique my Arab mare (topic)
I posted Madison once before and didn't get any critiques. I would love to know what you all have to say. She is currently being worked to loose some weight, because when I first got her she was extremely fat... She is now fit and...
Conformation Critiques


08/08/09 17:13:06
Cute Arab mare (topic)
This is Madison my Polish Arab mare. I got her along with a gelding for free from a sweet lady several months ago. Since I have had her she has changed completely! She has lost some weight and gotten into shape and her hooves are much...
Conformation Critiques


05/18/09 01:36:37
7yr old Arabian mare (topic)
I would just like to know some of my new mare's bad points. She is very skinny at the moment, due to bad feed and no turn out due to bad fields, because of the old place I had her in, so I have moved her to a much better place so...
Conformation Critiques


01/29/09 15:38:55
17 year old Arab cross (New Pictures!) (topic)
I aquired this horse in April, my first horse and I was woundering what you smart peoples thought of him comformationally, and what dicipline you think be best in(he's got a dicipline but I'm wanting to hear opnions first)...
Conformation Critiques


10/02/08 04:06:14
AllaMode - 15 yr old Paint/Arab Cross (topic)
This is my 15 year old Paint/Arab cross. I just purchased her about 20 days ago. She does everything I want, and I am SO pleased with my purchase!!! She only has two things so far that i've found she doesn't like - Going away...
Conformation Critiques


10/01/08 06:16:27
Arabian Warmblood Mare 15.2 1/2 Black (topic)
Reg. Arab Warmblood Mare, Possible purchase. Will be used for Dressage, Showing, pony club etc. What's her conformation like? Any major faults? Thanks
Conformation Critiques


09/10/08 08:56:59
My Arabian Mare (topic)
Just wanted to see what everyone here thought of her. She's been very competitive in the Arabian Sport-Horse in Hand. And she's gotten...
Conformation Critiques


08/10/08 22:26:55
Another Arabian Mare (topic)
Well, today I thought it would be fun to try and get some confo photos of my mare. I had tried before and didn't like the results (combo of lighting and perspective). Oh well, I tried to get some with good perspective and without her...
Conformation Critiques


06/08/08 07:04:08
9-year-old Arabian Mare (topic)
This is CCR Golden Mazona. She just started training under saddle four months ago for hunter pleasure, but as she gets more training, she'll probably starting jumping a little. The first few pictures of her are before we bathed her,...
Conformation Critiques


05/26/08 22:44:05
Pure arab mare - possible broodmare purchase, please critique! (topic)
All, Please critique the following 8yo pure Arab mare as a possible purchase. I'm wanting some opinions on her conformation suitability for breeding prior to requesting video and then a vet check, if everything is sounding good...
Conformation Critiques


05/13/08 04:24:48
Stallion Prospects (topic)
OK well I dont have any good pictures of the mare that may possibly be bred. Shes an arab X saddlebred (national show horse) schooled and showed in first level dressage. The owner, is looking for the foal to be a nice dressage horse....
Conformation Critiques


05/04/08 01:40:50
Pot bellied pig.....*cough* I mean, Arabian Gelding  (topic)
This is Nike. He's 15 years old, and I've owned him for 10 years! He's my pride and joy, even though he's super duper fat. So, I want to know what he looks like under all that blubber... Ideally, I'd learn to do...
Conformation Critiques

Mi Khe Tosk

04/21/08 18:58:34
Colt born Easter Sunday--Everyone says he's a keeper but I dont do Arabs... :-/  (topic)
Conformation Critiques


04/08/08 04:49:13