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3yo Appaloosa Gelding - First Horse! (topic)
Hey everyone! I've finally managed to get some pictures of my new (and first) horse's conformation, though I have to admit that it wasn't easy! Mr. Ants-In-His-Pants cannot seem to grasp the concept of "squaring up" or keep himself from...
Conformation Critiques


09/20/13 19:34:17
2003 APHA Gelding-New Pic! (topic)
This is my new horse! Sorry if this pics aren't great he wanted to follow me around :/ I'm going to try to get more tomorrow.Anyway, he is reg APHA as I Can Be Sneaky Sire is Reeboks Kid Dam is Hobnobbin Hobby. He was bred/trained for...
Conformation Critiques


03/03/12 21:43:56
Paint Gelding and Appy Mare (Image Heavy!) (topic)
Hello all! I have been reading this board for about a year and just decided to join. Now I know that people really like perfect confo shots but I am working with limited resources. I am in my first year of vet school in Prince Edward...
Conformation Critiques

3 Kitties and a Lens

02/04/09 21:27:06
17.2 Thoroughbred Gelding (topic)
This is Charmer my new thoroughbred gelding. He has been used for first and second level dressage along with a bit of jumping. He is 7(6-7... don't keep track) years old and around 17.1-2 hands. I plan on doing more dressage and some...
Conformation Critiques


01/23/09 23:38:29
Possible purchase - '07 Hanoverian x Saddlebred gelding (picture heavy!) (topic)
I'm looking at this gelding as a lower to mid level hunter/jumper or event prospect. He's huuuuge already, and he's expected to make 17.2-18hh when he's full grown. Baby pictures (5 months and under): Some...
Conformation Critiques


12/19/08 18:47:45
Clydesdale Gelding (topic)
I just wanted some input on this guy's conformation. He is a horse that I am interested in for a possible english/limited western prospect. He is only three years old, his temperament and price is right for me. He is green broke, I...
Conformation Critiques


11/18/08 20:59:55
Palomino AAQHA GELDING (edited) (topic)
Okay, these are the best photos I could do by myself on a windy day. The incline isn't as steep as it looks. That's me trying to get photos quickly before he moves. Tackless = today. With tack - 6 months or so ago. Ahh, why...
Conformation Critiques

Baby Lou Tattoo

09/15/08 01:29:34
Hanoverian-Thoroughbred cross (topic)
Hi All - I finally got some decent conformation shots, so I have decided to post my new horse. He is a nine year-old Hanoverian-Thoroughbred cross. Dad was a big, old-style Hanoverian and mom was a Thoroughbred. He was bred for...
Conformation Critiques


09/08/08 02:02:10
Can someone look at my gelding? (topic)
These are some updated pics of when I got my gelding back from the trainer for WP. Can someone take a look and see what they think? They're not the BEST conform pics...but they're alright with a single person and a VERY friendly...
Conformation Critiques


09/07/08 16:22:22
98 Morgan Gelding (topic)
Okay, breaking the norm here by throwing out a Morgan for critiquing. He is adorable in person and has such a big heart and presence that even if he is not conformationally perfect, he still has my heart. I know, I know, he is one of...
Conformation Critiques


08/25/08 23:39:58
Tenn. Walker gelding...good or not? (topic)
This is my Tennessee Walker gelding. He is 15.1 hh. He is gaited in the front, but not the back... I show him in barrels, poles, equitation, jumping (speed jumpers, not hunters), & english pleasure. I just want someone's opinion...
Conformation Critiques


07/29/08 08:00:40
Fugly Grade Appy (topic)
This is Dakota> He's an 8 year old BYB grade Appy gelding. The only thing I know about his parents is that his dam is probably a few spot named Lil and his sire is most (all?) Quarter Horse. He is my friend's horse that...
Conformation Critiques

vixen of doom

07/23/08 20:38:02
Conformationally, built for what? (topic)
I've posted my boy a few times over and I've gotten a generally, good response to him. Apparently, no glaring conformational faults-he just needs more muscle on his topline, which is the general consensus. As it were,...
Conformation Critiques


06/14/08 05:00:57
15 months old and still an adolescent. What do you think? (topic)
It is hard to take pictures of black horses Pix 1 Pix 2 Pix 3
Conformation Critiques


06/04/08 00:13:45
13yo Chestnut Thoroughbred Gelding (topic)
Hey guys! :-) I was wondering if you all could do a confo critique on my current mount, Winged Express (aka Noah). I know, he's a TAD overweight, but you can blame that on his real mama. He hasn't been worked in years, so I hope...
Conformation Critiques

Unregistered User

05/29/08 04:22:00
Eventer conformation critique-7 y/o TB-please? (topic)
Well, this would be my boy. Seventeen hand thoroughbred; seven years old. His lines-not as important here, I think-include Alydar. This isn't a make-or-break thing-I definitely already own him, so this isn't a 'looking to...
Conformation Critiques


05/25/08 01:46:12
Comments/critiques on condition and conformation of paint [?] (topic)
So first of all... hi everyone! Didn't know this fuglyhorseoftheday message board exists, such a great idea, I've always wondered how my little horse stacks up in terms of conformation and never had a great eye for it myself...
Conformation Critiques


05/01/08 01:04:05
Pot bellied pig.....*cough* I mean, Arabian Gelding  (topic)
This is Nike. He's 15 years old, and I've owned him for 10 years! He's my pride and joy, even though he's super duper fat. So, I want to know what he looks like under all that blubber... Ideally, I'd learn to do...
Conformation Critiques

Mi Khe Tosk

04/21/08 18:58:34
Updated: Potential Purchase: Welsh Gelding  (topic)
I am looking at this gelding as a potential project pony. He's super cute a sweet, I would just like to know what you guys think of his conformation. Obviously he is WAY fat. These are the only pictures I have, though. Thank...
Conformation Critiques


03/30/08 20:57:21
my 13 YO --- new pics--- pic heavy (topic)
This is Laredo. He is 15.2 hands, and is about 13 years old. We know nothing at all about hs breeding. So if anyone has any breed suggestions they are welcome. He is one of the smartest horses I have ever had the pleasure of being...
Conformation Critiques


03/29/08 21:38:00