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3yo Appaloosa Gelding - First Horse! (topic)
Hey everyone! I've finally managed to get some pictures of my new (and first) horse's conformation, though I have to admit that it wasn't easy! Mr. Ants-In-His-Pants cannot seem to grasp the concept of "squaring up" or keep himself from...
Conformation Critiques


09/20/13 19:34:17
6 year old Thoroughbred (topic)
What are your thoughts on him? He is an ex racehorse. I'm thinking of training him for jumpers. Do you think he has the build for that?
Conformation Critiques


08/05/13 02:38:02
2008 Cremello TB Colt-Opinions? (topic)
This is not my horse, just curious as to what people think of this cremello "stallion prospect". Personally I hate Cremellos XDAnywhoo, these are pics of him as a 3 yr old.   
Conformation Critiques


02/27/12 22:53:39
colt (topic)
Conformation Critiques


12/20/11 05:01:25
OTTB Conformation Critique (topic)
Age: 13Height: 15.2 hhBreed: OTTB, raced 5 years and retired soundDiscipline: Started in hunters, then jumpers, and now mostly dressage.Please Critique!
Conformation Critiques


11/16/11 23:41:34
2002 AQHA Mare (topic)
15 hh, does western pleasure, hunters, trail riding, pretty much anything!Please critique her confo, don't hold back!I tried to make her pictures look nice
Conformation Critiques


10/15/11 14:17:27
Kolorful Thoroubreds (topic)
All were bred for hunters and are going to be used for breeding. Do you think they are breeding quality?2010 Filly2009 Filly2009 Colt2010 ColtAll are thoroughbreds and Jockey Club registered. Not my horses
Conformation Critiques


02/09/11 18:15:08
Critique my mare! New photos! (topic)
I will be getting better pics, I promise. But this is all I have for now.She is a 2002 Quarter Horse Mare, 14.2 or .3 hands. She is my first horse and I got her last year Very sweet, she is registered with the AQHA but my instructor (who...
Conformation Critiques


01/27/11 22:04:37
Friesian/Arabian Yearling (topic)
I just want a critique for fun.  Also any points you think might be problematic in the future.  He's 16 months old, 14.2hh, Friesian/Arabian cross that will be used mainly as a trail horse with maybe a little lower level dressage...
Conformation Critiques


09/22/10 05:02:31
Conformation on my horse please, good points bad points what she would be good at. (topic)
not the best picture since her head is turned and you cannot see her neck and we are both at an angle. She is a 5year old Appaloosa mare. Varnish pattern it is very light so you cannot see the small spots on her but. I have had her for...
Conformation Critiques


07/06/09 01:36:54
Cute Arab mare (topic)
This is Madison my Polish Arab mare. I got her along with a gelding for free from a sweet lady several months ago. Since I have had her she has changed completely! She has lost some weight and gotten into shape and her hooves are much...
Conformation Critiques


05/18/09 01:36:37
Tobiano Welsh Partbred Filly.. Conformation? (topic);current=Recent2188.jpg ^ This is my 8 month old welsh partbred filly, im no expert in conformation, so any comments welcome.. On that link, there is a photo of her other side, if link doesn't...
Conformation Critiques


02/16/09 22:22:18
AQHA Mare (topic)
Hello there, all. I have linked to a picture of a horse I had between the ages of 13 and 16. I no longer have her, and I'm actually trying to find her. I bought her in Florida and then we moved to Dallas, TX. She was last seen in...
Conformation Critiques


12/18/08 18:28:46
17 year old Arab cross (New Pictures!) (topic)
I aquired this horse in April, my first horse and I was woundering what you smart peoples thought of him comformationally, and what dicipline you think be best in(he's got a dicipline but I'm wanting to hear opnions first)...
Conformation Critiques


10/02/08 04:06:14
Please Critique Macy's Conformation--UPDATES-- (topic)
Macy was born in February 2006. The first photo is her at about 5-7 days old. The next two photos, she is about 18 months old. This is her first day at "boarding school". This was in May of this year. I had her started,...
Conformation Critiques


09/17/08 15:17:18
Rate my mare [photo heavy] - LOOK HERE HTOBAGO (topic)
I've always thought that my mare's conformation is fairly good, so I wanted to see what everyone else thought She's Cleveland Bay X Welsh Cob, 13 years old, about 15.1hh or 15.2hh, and has had one foal As a...
Conformation Critiques


09/14/08 20:37:14
11 year old grade mare. *NEW PICS* (topic)
I bought an 11 year old grade quarter horse (or at least I was told she was QH) mare from a horse dealer last November. I realize that her conformation is not great, but I only plan on using her for trail and small/fun rodeos. She is a...
Conformation Critiques


08/19/08 16:38:31
QH 2007 filly (topic)
So this is my QH yearling Im UnforJettable aka Jett...I was just wondering what there was to know about her conformation, I understand its hard at this age because they're growing and ungainly lol...I believe shes a bit high in the...
Conformation Critiques


08/11/08 17:37:37
Tenn. Walker gelding...good or not? (topic)
This is my Tennessee Walker gelding. He is 15.1 hh. He is gaited in the front, but not the back... I show him in barrels, poles, equitation, jumping (speed jumpers, not hunters), & english pleasure. I just want someone's opinion...
Conformation Critiques


07/29/08 08:00:40
May buy an in foal Paint Mare - please give opinion (topic)
I've trained horses before but they were the ones I bought at 6-9 months already halter broke and did TONS of ground work for a couple years before attempting to ride. I'm not sure how different training a 9 yr old broodmare...
Conformation Critiques


07/11/08 21:57:09